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Eleveight RS serie 2020 5m Green

Eleveight RS serie 2020 5m Green

The RS serie kite is the ideal kite for performance riding in all styles and conditions. Adopts to the riders preferences, enabling him or her to boost big airs out of the kiteor throw spray of the lip of a nice wave or even this kite will easy land handlepass tricks.

The people from Eleveight placed the turning axis of this four-line kite at its shoulder to create the perfect balance between powerful tip turning and pivotal center turning. This gives the kite a smooth turning velocity. Perfect to initiate a big air jumps and ideal for old school tricks.

A medium to high aspect ratio ensures you have a good lift/drag ratio. The RS provides a grunty pull and when triggered, it will take the rider up to massive heights. The design ensures that the rider sail down gently as the kite easily catches him. Even in choppy waters or gusty wind the kite will take you upwind easy. The combination what they did with the bridle set up, sweep and aspect ratio ensures a wide wind range, stability and a position in the wind window that pulls the rider upwind.

In short, the RS is a very stable performance freeride kite that guarantees massive riding fun

Make sure to look up Eleveight’s E/8 Trusted Quality section for more information on the many features and quality aspects of the RS.

  • Medium aspect ratio
  • Fast and smooth turning
  • Big jumps and long hangtime
  • 3 strud Delta Hybrid kite
  • Verry nice upwind performance
  • Light wind sizes ( 14m, 17m with 3m extension lines)

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